A new round of consultation on the Council Composition and Ward Boundary Review

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  1. Alan Hall says:

    In response to the Consultants’ Final Four scenarios, I have created seven alternative ward maps:

    I believe that they provide a better population balance – keeping all populations within 25% of the city average – while respecting communities of interest. Some alternatives reduce the size of council (5-2, 8-2, 10-1), while some would have only one councillor per ward (8-2, 10-1, 12-1).

    If councillors wish to add representation to the southern part of the city without disrupting the wards in the northern half, my alternative map 7-1 may be worth a look.

  2. Scott Frederick says:

    Thanks for your work on this Alan. You have come up with some interesting scenarios, but I think Council will only be looking at ones that the consultants have drawn. My personal preference is for scenarios that have multiple councillors per ward and include the Ward with downtown. Your 5-2 map comes closest to that. 6-3 by including The Ward with Old University and The Junction is interesting as it includes neighborhoods that have cultural similarities and retains multiple member wards.

    Too bad Council didn’t see fit to use the Citizens Assembly method of designing an electoral system. Input such as yours could have been considered at an earlier stage.

  3. Mary says:

    I dont like that manitoba street is not going to be in ward 1.

    • thewardresidents says:

      That could be fixed by renumbering/renaming the wards after a scenario is chosen. I don’t think that the consultants gave much thought to that. You can ask for this change in comments you leave on the survey, or make comments or delegate to Council when it comes up there.

  1. April 10, 2021

    […] NOTE: The consultants have narrowed the scenarios down to 4. a new deadline for input into these scenarios is April 20, 2021. Further discussion of these scenarios can be found here: A new round of consultation on the Council Composition and Ward Boundary Review […]

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