4 story apartment building proposed for 66 Duke Street

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3 Responses

  1. Joanna Zycki says:

    This is insane!! Most of the houses along Duke and Alice are bungalows. This huge building would see the apartments looming over other people’s yards and homes. I never understand how developers are allowed to even propose such a thing. Please do not allow this!!

  2. James d says:

    Sorry Joanna but this entire neighbourhood will be that within 5 years … It’s happening whether you are on board or not …. A lot of money being poured into this neighbourhood by people with more say than most of us.

  3. Joanna Zycki says:

    James D in order for the whole neighborhood to turn into this all the privately owned houses would have to be bought and sold. As most of this is private residential with bungalow houses. So James, the neighborhood will not be like this. There is one other property left but it is not surrounded by homes.
    Also, they are apparently asking for my permission to build closer than allowed property line restrictions. That’s a big NO!

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